Inner position with hollow tailpin support
Inner position with hollow tailpin support (violin/viola) resp. new tailpin systems for cello and double bass.
Price List no. 1 – 5
Full set violin/viola containing preamp, cable to mike plug with modified Sennheiser MKE 2, hollow tailpin (3 sizes) and dummy plug. This aluminium tailpin replaces the original wooden piece. The mike plug will be screwed in when needed.
View of open violin
(Violin open only for demonstration purposes!)
optimal separation of instrumental sound from external influences
quick and safe attachment, wireless transmission possible with suitable systems

Helmut Lipsky in concert with inner microphone system sms violin

New tailpin systems were also constructed for inserting the mike into cello and double bass:
Cello set with specific Stahlhammer end pin
Bass set with specific Soundlab end pin
The mike plug (in the middle of the picture) may be screwed in when needed.
The conical alu case serves as positioning adjustment in the instrument's end pin hole.